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Aaron is a healthy and strong teen. Aaron enjoys meeting new individuals and speaks very easily and willingly to people. Aaron is very protective of children who are younger and weaker and does not like people to be bullied. He’s usually very calm and laid-back. Aaron is always ready to play Call of Duty on his Xbox with other kids.

Aaron loves playing football and other extra-curricular sports. Aaron has been participating in baseball this spring and is looking forward to football season in the fall. Aaron hopes he will make the varsity baseball team before the season ends. After trying different types of activities, Aaron ultimately decided outdoor sports are his favorite.

Aaron would like a family who will mentor him with guidance and help him to make adult decisions in the future. A family open to visits with his younger siblings would be ideal as Aaron sees them often and they have a close relationship. Aaron is easy-going and he would make a great big brother in his adoptive family. Aaron is ready for his happy future to begin.

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