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Abbagail, Gabbriella & Tayton

Abbagail enjoys crafting and playing with dolls. Abbagail is getting extra help in school with math and reading and she is putting forth lots of effort. This little girl is outgoing and quite the charmer with every one that she meets. Watching Disney princess movies is another of her favorite pastimes.

Gabbriella has fun playing dress up and playing with her dolls. She likes to pretend she is in charge like a teacher or a mom who is head of the household. Gabbriella had some struggles in school with math and reading, but she has shown great improvement.

Tayten is an athletic boy who enjoys playing sports, including youth football and spring baseball. When Tayten gets familiar with you he can be very talkative and excited. Tayten also enjoys playing video
games and playing on his tablet. He is robust and resilient.

Is this sweet trio a good match for your home?