Kayden and Kyler

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Kayden & Kyler

Kayden is a lively, enthusiastic and resilient little boy. He plays by himself with or without toys and has great fun. Kayden displays lots of eagerness for visiting with the other children in class at school. He also has interest in seeking unique perspectives from his teacher’s chair and from a table in the cafeteria where it appears he could not be happier.

Kyler can melt hearts with his smile. He likes to keep grown-ups’ attention with lots of questions and made-up stories. Kyler has lots of energy and excitement for fun and play. Although he cheerfully spends time playing alone, Kyler is very social and prefers to be in the middle of the crowd, talking and playing with vigor and gusto.

A family for Kyler and Kayden will need to be patient and nurturing, as well as willing to teach expectations, rules, and boundaries. These little guys need parents who are active and a family that will keep them involved in structured activities.

Kayden ~ May 2013
Kyler ~ October 2011

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