Braxton Keigan

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Keigan & Braxton

Keigan is a very happy child who actively explores his environment.  He loves to listen to music and enjoys church.  He interacts well with other children and adults. He is receives nursing, PT, OT and speech therapy services. Keigan is very sweet he enjoys being held and cuddled.  He is trying very hard to walk independently like his brother, Braxton, but he isn’t quite there yet.  Although he has a speech delay, Keigan can sign many words and is able to convey his needs to you. Braxton is a sweet, affectionate, cheerful boy who loves to give hugs. He also loves music and dancing.  Braxton plays well with other children, however, due to some speech issues there is a communication barrier at times. He does know how to sign many words to communicate his needs.  He enjoys being read to and getting to look at the pictures while listening. Keigan and Braxton are both diagnosed with Di George Syndrome and need to continue to be monitored by a physician. These sweet boys learn at a slower rate than other children and may require some additional services throughout their school careers.  Braxton and Keigan are special little boys with huge hearts who need a loving adoptive home. These fun-loving, friendly boys will definitely bring joy to your life.
Keigan ~ April 2013 & Braxton ~ February 2014