September Spotlight - Heart Gallery Lubbock, TX

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Natasha, Calvin, Keandre & Cedric

Meet this outstanding quartet:

Natasha is a sweet “girly” girl. She likes talking on the phone, going for ice cream, and listening to music. Natasha loves to laugh, loves to draw and loves to dress in the best fashion. Spending time with her brothers is top on her list of favorites. Calvin loves sports, especially basketball and football. Calvin does well in school and he loves being with his siblings. Although Calvin is quiet, his personality is nice and pleasant. Calvin enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and looking his best. Watching Texas Tech football is fun for Calvin. Keandre is a big fan of TV and he favors Sponge Bob cartoons. He loves playing with his siblings, spending time outside, and all kinds of sports. Keandre displays enormous curiosity. He gets along well with other children and he does well in school. Described as a sweet and funny little boy, Cedric loves sports and electronic games. He is quick to laugh and he stays very active. Cedric displays extreme loyalty to his siblings. He is very smart and can do well in school with support and structure. This fabulous group of four is ready for a loving, forever family.

Natasha 5/2004, Calvin 6/2003, Keandre 1/2010, Cedric 3/2006

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