One Heart Orphan Care

What is One Heart?

We are a network of churches, organizations, and foster-adoptive agencies that believe the body of Christ is called to look after the orphan together. Together we are our community’s greatest advocate for these children.

Why do we exist?

We want to cultivate a community that nurtures children in foster care from every side. There are many organizations, institutions, ministries, and grass roots efforts doing good work for orphan care across Lubbock. Our desire is not to reinvent the wheel, but to collaborate, share resources, and capitalize on the good already being done.

What do we do?

We educate churches, support foster families, organize collaborative events, and connect people to meaningful engagement in orphan care. We are constantly exploring ways to enhance our community’s care for the fatherless.

What is our focus?

We understand orphan care is a symphony with many parts. We choose to put our focus in three areas:

  • Multiplying & supporting foster and adoptive homes
  • Educating, connecting, & empowering churches
  • Supporting & collaborating with foster-adoptive organizations

We are Looking For Our Forever Family