Adoption in lubbock texas Heart Gallery July 2019

Heart Gallery Spotlight July 2019

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Clarissa has a fun-loving spirit and is a very sweet girl. Clarissa loves to dress nicely. Clarissa is energetic and likes to stay busy. She is always up for a new adventure with her caregivers and also enjoys playing chess with them. One of Clarissa’s favorite hobbies is roller skating with people she loves to be around with. Clarissa enjoys being helpful around the home and completes her chores. Clarissa loves to talk on the phone with her friends and play with the neighborhood kids. She does well in school and makes friends easily. She loves to laugh and smiles often. Clarissa can be a sassy girl when she thinks she is right but she is also a very loving child who wants love in return. Clarissa will benefit from structure and consistency, along with love and positive reinforcement. Clarissa has so much love to share with her new family.