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Hailey is a curious, active, and playful 11 year old girl. She loves to be around others and isn’t afraid to show it. Hailey loves to swim and stay busy with different activities. She is diagnosed with Partial Complex Epilepsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is non-verbal. Effective interaction and communication with Hailey will require consistency and patience. She is learning some sign language and she currently uses gestures to express her needs. Hailey enjoys some independence. She tends to get bored and distracted easily. At times, Hailey needs reminders of boundaries, but her intention most of the time is to interact and be playful.

Hailey’s forever family will need to be highly active and dedicate much of their time and energy into Hailey’s development and lifestyle. She will do well in a home with older children, in a highly structured home environment. Her family will be motivated and committed to adapting to her needs. Hailey’s family will guide her in learning how to communicate and express her emotions. Love and patience will be the most important attribute, as Hailey is one of a kind. Experience with children diagnosed with Autism is highly recommended in a family interested in adding Hailey to their family.

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