josephjoseph - June Heart Gallery Spotlight

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Joseph is a sweet boy who is always on the go.  He is a rough and tumble little guy who likes to play outside. He loves outdoor activities such as swimming and sports. Building with Legos and attending church are more activities he enjoys. Favorite foods for Joseph are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and homemade enchiladas.  Joseph is a loving, affectionate boy who seeks love and attention. Joseph does struggle at school with following directions and interacting with the other students.  Joseph can get demanding when things don’t go the way he planned.
Joseph ~ June 2005

Joseph needs a loving family who will be there to guide him through life.  He needs patience, understanding, structure, and nurturing.  A family who will advocate for him at school is necessary.  Joseph is active and will benefit from a family who will allow him to participate in activities that keep him busy, like sports, swimming, or outdoor activities.  Joseph will do well in family who has his best interests at heart and will give him individual love and attention. He is ready to meet his forever family.