Adoption in lubbock texas Heart Gallery Spotlight December 2019

Heart Gallery Spotlight December 2019


Vanessa is a fun, outgoing, and compassionate teen. She is a social butterfly and enjoys making friends, which is something she does easily. Like most teenagers, she enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Vanessa is active and likes to participate in outdoor activities including and basketball. She does well in school with added support and enjoys being involved with school activities. Some of Vanessa’s favorite foods include tacos, chicken spaghetti, and she loves bread. Vanessa sometimes struggles with her feelings. She benefits from supportive services which help her manage these feelings. Vanessa can be a spirited girl when she thinks she is right. She is a very loving child. She is determined and brave. Vanessa responds well to a structured environment where there is love and positive reinforcement.

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